The Municipal Health Emergency Response Team (MHERT) holds meeting to formulate preparatory activities in line with the government’s National Vaccination Program.
LGU-Camalig, through an Executive Order, created the Local Task Force for COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment (LTFCVD) – the augmentation force of the local government which will function as the leading implementer of successful and effective vaccination rollout in the municipality. The Municipal Health Office (MHO) also presented the local vaccination plan pursuant to the guidelines by the Department of Health (DOH).
Said plan includes the conduct of early vaccine communication campaigns, composition of the Vaccination Team, designation of the Municipal Vaccination Command Center, identification of priority
populations/vaccinees and existing human resources, public safety protocols, security assistance, transportation, logistics, supervision plans, and other similar interventions.
Prior to the actual municipal-wide vaccination, LGU-Camalig is set to conduct intensive information drive regarding the benefits of vaccine specifically in achieving herd immunity to gain the public’s trust and confidence.
In compliance to the minimum public health standards and to provide convenience for its constituents, LGU-Camalig eyes to implement a cluster-based vaccination in the barangays once the vaccine becomes available.
Ten (10) months in since the outbreak of COVID-19, LGU-Camalig remains committed in putting an end to the transmission of said virus through improved mitigation and containment efforts.
The LTFCVD is scheduled to convene on February 5, 2021, Friday, to formulate additional intervention priorities and finalize the municipality’s vaccination programs for the general public.