According to the confirmation of Department of Health (DOH), ayo po gilayon kita two residents who tested positive for COVID-19, seven to eight cases, twenty five and total.
Patient #4468 is sold, twenty six (26) años male, resident of Area 7, Brgy. Sumlang, to Patient #4469, sesenta (60) años male, resident ning Purok 4, Brgy. Cotmon – patient #4387’s close contacts sinda to Patient #4388 initial positive last Wednesday, February 3, 2021.
This afternoon, sinda was brought to Josefina Belmonte Duran Albay Provincial Hospital (JBDAPH), Brgy. Tuburan, Ligao City, beside the shaking person, medical attention.
As LGU-Camalig, the Municipal Health Emergency Response Team (MHERT) / Municipal COVID-19 Task Force conducts contact-tracing, interview, assessment, disinfection, and other relative spheres that can lead to possible extinction COVID-19 in the community.
Purok 4 San Brgy was locked down. Cotmon git on the initiative of Chief Barangay, Dennis Misolania.
If it comes back, in the twenty-five confirmed case of San Banwa, 19 will be the one who lost.
Sina Patient#32 san Brgy. Tumpa, Patient#224 san Brgy. Binanderahan, Patient#283 san Brgy. Salugan, Patient#600 san Brgy. Miti, Patient#804 san Brgy. Gapo, Patient#843 kina Patient#1667 san Brgy. Cabangan, Patient#970 kina Patient#1570 san Brgy. Quirangay, Patient#975 san Brgy. Gotob, Patient#981 kina Patient#982 san Brgy. Palanog, Patient#1114 kina Patient#1400 san Brgy. Cotmon, Patient#1287 san Brgy. 1, Patient#3748 san Brgy. Libod, Patient#3940 san Brgy. 3, Patient#4073 san Brgy. 6, kina si Patient#4093 san Brgy. Ligban.
To us, I hope the government will follow the mandate of DOH to avoid the danger of this helang na yadi.
Practice “CAMALIG”:
C – Clean and disinfect
A – Avoid close contact (at least 1 meter or 3 feet)
M – Maintain good hygiene
A – Always wear face masks
L – Limit public exposure
I – Immediately inform health authorities if you feel unwell
G – Guide others (self-care and care for others are of equal priority)
Be disciplined, be careful, because we can’t trust you, the pandemic is not yet over.
Your cooperation will be immediately ngamin.
Thank you.