The Municipal Tourism & Cultural Heritage Office (MTCHO) in partnership with the Junior Chamber International (JCI) Philippines spearheaded a tree-planting activity within the area of Hoyop-hoyopan Cave, Brgy. Cotmon, Camalig, Albay.
During the activity, the team planted seedlings of “Katmon” – a medium-sized evergreen, buttress-forming, and shade tolerant tree that bears fruit used in making sauces, jams, and flavoring for fish.
Katmon fruit’s acid is also mixed with sugar to make a traditional cure for cough and treatment for hair.
A familiar tag for locals and neighboring townsfolk, Brgy. Cotmon’s contemporary name was derived from the Katmon tree, where early inhabitants sought shelter from rain and heat.
This initiative forms part of JCI’s Project Treetalks: Series 1 with the theme, “Adopt-a-Tree, Restore the Community” which aims to instill to the community the importance of trees in obtaining communal, economic, and environmental benefits.
Article by: Mr. Tim L. Florece, PIO