In its commitment in further strengthening the campaign against Coronavirus (COVID-19), Contact Tracers are mobilized in the barangays to render contact-tracing, health education, and other similar interventions.
Eleven (11) out of the previous thirty (30) Contact Tracers were allowed to renew their contracts which are set to run for at least six (6) months – the initial 3-month contract ended last December 31, 2020.
Apart from functioning as one of the augmentation teams to the pandemic response and recovery efforts initially implemented by the Municipal Health Emergency Response Team (MHERT), Contact Tracers were also assigned to monitor arriving individuals, familiarize keypoints under Executive Order No. 12-2021, and relay information regarding vaccine general knowledge to increase the demand generation of the Camaligueño constituency.
To ensure the health and safety of Contact Tracers, LGU-Camalig provided said individuals with Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) and other necessary assistance.
A total of eleven (11) contact-tracing 3-cluster catchments covering Camalig’s 50 barangays are also established to provide convenient working spaces and to serve as coordination points between Contact Tracers and Nurses/Midwives/Barangay Health Workers (BHWs) in their daily operations.
To date, the municipality of Camalig, Albay has 38 confirmed COVID-19 cases including, 27 recoveries, 3 deaths, and 8 active ( Patients #5817, #6252, #6253, and #6254 from Brgy. Cabangan, Patient#6055 from Brgy. Maninila, and Patients #6044, #6255, and #6449 from Brgy. Ilawod).
Article by: Mr. Tim L. Florece, PIO