“An Order Implementing the Safety Seal at Selected Private & Public Establishments in the Municipality of Camalig, Albay”
In compliance with JMC No. 21-01, s. 2021 issued by DILG, DOLE, DTI, DOT, and DOH, LGU-Camalig is set to implement the COVID-19 Safety Seal Certification Program.
The implementation of the Safety Seal aims to increase compliance by private and public facilities with the minimum public health standards such as but not limited to, wearing of face masks and shields, proper hand hygiene, and observance of social/physical distancing.
The COVID-19 Safety Seal will be issued in printed form for free and will be mandatorily displayed conspicuously at all entrance points of establishments.
Section 1. List of Establishments
The following establishments are expected to display the Safety Seal as certification for the facility’s compliance with the minimum public health standards:
• wet markets
• retail stores
• restaurants
• hotels
• fastfood
• eateries
• banks
• pawnshops
• remittance centers
• car wash
• laundry service centers
• libraries
• tutorial, testing, and review centers
• gyms
Section 2. Eligibility
The following are the eligibility requirements to qualify for the Safety Seal certification:
a. Compliance with registration or accreditation requirements (e.g., Mayor’s permit, DTI/SEC registration, or DOT accreditation);
b. Enforcement of the minimum public health standards, including the following, as applicable:
b.1 Availability of handwashing stations, soap and/or sanitizing alcohol to employees and clients/visitors which are placed in strategic locations in the establishment
b.2 Observance of physical distancing or spacing through installation of physical barriers in enclosed areas where physical distancing may be compromised, i.e., blocking off of chairs, use of markers or stickers on the floor for spacing
b.3 Ensure adequate air exchange in enclosed (indoor) areas as cited in DOLE Department Order No. 224-21 or the Guidelines on Ventilation for Workplaces and Public Transport to Prevent and Control the Spread of COVID-19
b.4 Disinfection protocol in accordance with DOH Department Memorandum No. 2020-0157 and 0157-A or the Guidelines on Cleaning and Disinfection in Various Settings as an Infection Prevention and Control Measure Against COVID-19 and Cleaning and Disinfection of Environmental Surfaces in the Context of COVID-19 by the World Health Organization (WHO)
b.4.1 Regular sanitization of chairs, desks, tables, counters, pens, doorknobs, equipment, devices, workstations, comfort rooms, and other high-touch surfaces
b.5 Wearing of facemasks, face shields, especially in enclosed places and wearing of other protective outer garments as warranted
b.6 Designation of Safety Officer who shall:
b.6.1coordinate with the appropriate bodies for support and referral to community-based isolation facilities for confirmed cases with mild symptoms, and to health facilities for severe and critical care; and ii. undertake contact tracing or coordinate the conduct thereof; and iii. monitor status of employees quarantined or isolated; and iv. implement return to work policies.
b.7 Facility for proper storage, collection, treatment, and disposal of used facemasks and other infectious waste
Section 2. Certification procedures
As provided in JMC 21-01, private and public establishments may secure the Safety Seal through any of the following procedures:
1. By Application – the establishment shall perform self-assessment based on the applicable checklist. If favorable, an application is made with the Issuing Authority for an inspection. The PNP shall join the inspection upon request of LGU-Camalig especially in inspecting public places. Full compliance of abovementioned establishments shall be required during the renewal of Mayor’s permit which is scheduled every January.
2. By Regular Visits – during regular monitoring, the inspection teams shall determine the eligibility of the establishments on site
3. Acting on Complaints – the Issuing Authority shall conduct surprise inspections of establishments upon receipt of complaints from the public
No Safety Seal shall be awarded to a private establishment without a valid business permit. If violation of the minimum health standards is found, LGU-Camalig shall the right under existing laws to order the temporary suspension of operations of said establishment to protect public health until corrective actions have been implemented.
Section 3. Complaints handling
The public is encouraged to report non-compliant establishments to the LGU-Camalig Inspection and Certification Teams at:
Inspection & Certification Team Leader – 09086163570
Philippine National Police – 09477780986
Bureau of Fire Protection – 09178098823 / 09992265345
Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Office – 09279744966 / 09630074854
Municipal Health Office – 09097442937
Department of Trade & Industry – DTI Direct (1-384)
Department of Tourism – DOT Hotline (1-386)
Department of Labor & Employment – 1349
Department of the Interior & Local Government – 09274226300 / 09313849272
The DILG-Camalig Inspection and Certification Teams were organized under Executive Order No. 20, s. 2021 purposely to inspect, monitor, and determine the eligibility of private and public establishments to receive the Safety Seal Certification with regards to compliance with relative requirements.
The team is hereby directed to:
a. Conduct orientation to the 50 Punong Barangays regarding full compliance of businesses under their respective areas of responsibility
b. Closely coordinate with DTI and DOT as to the status of business establishments already granted safety seal certification
c. Prioritize the inspection of business establishments
d. Submit reports to the Local Chief Executive for appropriate action
e. Close coordinate with the Market Administrator as to the compliance of market stall owners
Section 4. Revocation of Safety Seal
1. The Safety Seal may be revoked motu proprio by LGU-Camalig or through a valid complaint. The complaint must state:
a. name and location of the establishment,
b. particular public health standard violated or a substantial description thereof;
c. name and contact number of complainant/s;
d. supporting proof (e.g., photos)
2. Upon receipt or referral of a valid complaint, LGU-Camalig shall conduct a surprise inspection on the complained establishment.
LGU-Camalig may also conduct a surprise inspection, motu proprio, for the purpose of revoking the Safety Seal when:
a. a clustering of COVID-19 cases has been reported in an establishment
b. willful violation of any of the minimum public health standards
Revocation of the Safety Seal Certification shall not automatically result in the suspension of operations. In case the violation pertains to any of the minimum public health standards, the business establishment shall be given another forty-eight (48) hours from the time the Safety Seal is revoked to implement corrective actions. If after this period the establishment still fails to correct the deficiency, suspension of operations may be ordered by LGU-Camalig until corrective actions have been implemented.
Section 5. Reinstatement of the Safety Seal
Establishments with revoked Safety Seals may have the same reinstated in accordance with the following:
a. Submission to LGU-Camalig of a request for reinstatement complete with proof of full compliance with the minimum public health standards
b. Conduct of an inspection by LGU-Camalig to verify compliance
Reinstated Safety Seal shall be valid for six (6) months or one (1) year, in the case of tourism enterprises, from the date of reinstatement
Article by: Mr. Tim L. Florece, PIO