Members of the Municipal Anti Drug Abuse Council (MADAC) technical working group (TWG) have convened today to ensure LGU-Camalig’s compliance and support to the anti-illegal drug initiatives of the national government.
During the meeting, the MADAC TWG reevaluated inputs of LGU-Camalig in the 2019 audit result of the Anti Drug Abuse Council (ADAC) and thereafter assessed documents and other modes of verification in preparation for the 2020 ADAC performance audit.
Scores in the ADAC performance audit are calculated for each criterion specified in the criteria set specifically, an organized local ADAC, issuance of relative executive orders, resolutions, and policies, conduct of quarterly meetings, allocation of funds, implementation of ADAC plans and programs, LGU support, and innovations.
The MADAC TWG further revisited the Peace and Order & Public Safety (POPS) Plan – a three-year comprehensive term based plan comprised of anti-illegal drug intervention priorities created purposely to ensure inclusive and sustainable public health and safety, and peace and order in Camalig.
Camalig Local Chief Executive, Hon. Carlos Irwin G. Baldo, Jr. likewise highlighted the crucial need to allocate funds for the establishment of “Balay Silangan” reformation/rehabilitation program – a resolution establishing said facility is set to be presented next month.
In the 2019 ADAC performance audit, LGU-Camalig scored an overall rating of 79%, noting a substantial increase of 22% compared to the local government’s score in the 2018 ADAC audit – the municipality currently targets for a higher rating this year.
The MADAC TWG is composed of heads and functionaries under the Mayor’s Office (MO), Department of the Interior & Local Government (DILG), Philippine National Police (PNP), Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP), Municipal Health Office (MHO), Municipal Social Welfare & Development Office (MSWDO), Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Office (MDRRMO), and the Municipal Budget Office (MBO).
Article by: Mr. Tim L. Florece, PIO