In response to the increasing cases of COVID-19 in the municipality and in anticipation of the various fiesta celebrations in the coming weeks/months wherein possible transmission may be heightened due to public gathering and convergence, the following prevention and control protocols are hereby implemented:
1. Participants involved in community assemblies and religious gatherings shall be limited to 30% of the venue or seating capacity;
2. Videoke singing and drinking of liquor shall be limited between immediate family members residing in the same barangay;
3. Prior to the conduct of other fiesta-related activities not mentioned under item no. 1, barangay and purok officials shall initially request for the approval of the Municipal Health Emergency Response Team (MHERT);
4. “Pabayle” and parlor games in which participants have a heightened possibility of making any form of purposeful or accidental physical contact are prohibited;
5. Curfew is still in effect (9:00PM – 4:00AM) as per EO 25-2021;
6. Wearing of face mask and face shields by persons outside their residences is mandatory as per Municipal Ordinance No. 2021-15;
7. Persons aging 4 years old and below, people with high-risk health issues, and pregnant women are not allowed to leave the house except listed as APOR (Authorized Person Outside of Residence) and/or engaging in indispensable travel/purposes;
8. The Philippine National Police may be directed to monitor the barangays.
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Article by: Mr. Tim L. Florece, PIO