New COVID-19 case/s:
Patient#38349, 61 years old, female, Brgy. Iluluan (quarantined)
Patient#38350, 13 years old, male, Brgy. Cotmon (quarantined)
Patient#38351, 18 years old, female, Brgy. Cotmon (quarantined)
Patient#38352, 67 years old, female, Brgy. Palanog (quarantined)
Patient#38353, 51 years old, female, Brgy. 2 (quarantined)
Patient#38395, 55 years old, male, Brgy. Baligang (quarantined)
Patient#38396, 64 years old, male, Brgy. 7 (quarantined)
Total confirmed COVID-19 cases: 377
Total recoveries: 277
Total deaths: 21
Total active case/s: 79
Practice “CAMALIG”:
C – Clean and disinfect
A – Avoid close contact (at least 1 meter or 3 feet)
M – Maintain good hygiene
A – Always wear face masks and face shields
L – Limit public exposure
I – Immediately inform health authorities if you feel unwell
G – Guide others (self-care and care for others are of equal priority)
Article by: Mr. Tim L. Florece, PIO