FYI: Camalig, Albay records three (3) new Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases

New COVID-19 case/s: • Patient#45926, 20 years old, female, Brgy. 1 (quarantined) • Patient#45927, 6 years old, male, Brgy. 1 (quarantined) • Patient#45928, 12 years old, female, Brgy. 1 (quarantined)   Total confirmed COVID-19 cases: 505 Total recoveries: 433 Total deaths: 30 Total active case/s: 42   Practice “CAMALIG”: C – continue reading : FYI: Camalig, Albay records three (3) new Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases

24/7 COVID-19 campaign

The Municipal Health Emergency Response Team (MHERT) continuously welcomes returnees at the Camalig Training Center (CTC), Brgy. Salugan, Camalig, Albay – the town’s centralized screening/holding area.   Pursuant to Executive Order No. 15, s. 2021, all persons returning to the municipality are mandatorily required to proceed immediately to CTC to undergo continue reading : 24/7 COVID-19 campaign

Quarantine food support

LGU-Camalig through the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction & Management Office (MDRRMO) and the Municipal Social Welfare & Development Office (MSWDO) provides rice and food packs to families/close contacts of the town’s active Coronavirus (COVID-19) positive cases.   As one measure in preventing possible transmission of COVID-19 to the community, the close continue reading : Quarantine food support


Camalig, Albay records twenty (20) new recoveries • Patient#42927 from Brgy. Caguiba • Patient#42931 from Brgy. Sua • Patient#42940 from Brgy. Cotmon • Patient#42941 from Brgy. Baligang • Patient#42942 from Brgy. Baligang • Patient#42943 from Brgy. Palanog • Patient#42944 from Brgy. Palanog • Patient#42945 from Brgy. Tagaytay • Patient#42946 from Brgy. continue reading : GOOD NEWS1