In celebration of Arts Month, youths from different parts of Camalig actively participated in the Bicol Folk Dance Workshop hosted by the Municipal Tourism and Cultural Heritage Office (MTCHO) under the theme “GIKAN asin GAYON: Pagkamoot sa Arte, Kultura, asin Ginikanan.”
More than 46 participants attended the Bicol Folk Dance Workshop held at Camalig National High School, which highly promotes the art of traditional dance as a major part of our culture, and form of cultural expression in modern society, keeping it alive for the next generation.
Bicol folk dances such as Jota Camarines and Saguin-Saguin, as well as basic cultural dance steps, were taught on the first day of the workshop. This not only promotes traditional folk dances in the Philippines but also creates a healthy environment for friendship and cooperation. The dance course will be held continuously every Sunday throughout the month of February and will include lessons in various folk dances from around the region.
Article by: Mr. Tim L. Florece, PIO