Our Vision

“We envision Camalig as heritage town in Albay with empowered and responsible citizens, with a commitment to improve services and innovate a disaster proof development to achieve sustainable growth and optimum development with an enduring faith and good governance of socially responsible officials.”




The Municipality of Camalig shall pursue the improvement of the quality of life of Camaliguenos through implementation of aggressive development plans and programs with em“The Municipality of Camalig shall pursue improvement through continuous capacity building to promote aggressive development with emphasis on economic development and promotion of cultural heritage through sustainable development and adherence to the principle of good governance.”phasis on economic development sector and promotion of cultural heritage in the context of sustainable total development and adherence to good governance principles.


Agenda of Mayor Carlos Irwin G. Baldo, Jr.:

Tourism Development Programs through development of existing, emerging and potential tourism sites through construction of road networks and tourist friendly facilities, conservation of cultural assets and properties thtough installation of historical markers and declaration of Camalig as heritage town by NHCP, marketing and promotions of the tourism products through exposures, trade fairs and exhibits and publication of brochures and videos travelogue and other promotional collaterals, and implementation of the Camalig Tourism and Cultural Heritage Code and Plans;


  1. Education Program through the institutionalization of Camalig Polytechnic College, strengthening of alternative learning system and support on the implementation of the K to 12 program

  2. Agriculture Development Programs through provision of modern-acceptable-adaptable farming technologies and mechanization, post-harvest technologies,construction of new municipal slaughter house, product and marketing development, expansion of taro production areas, construction of additional irrigation facilities, establishment of additional barangay food terminals, conduct of integrated farming system, farmers field schools and training sites,farm youth development programs and agri-tourism development

  3. Strengthening of cooperatives, people’s organizations, micro-credit lending programs and strengthening of extension delivery systems

  4. Revenue Generation Program through improvement of public market facilities, rehabilitation of market vendors association, Institutional development for Camalig Chamber of Business and Industries Inc., strengthening of business one stop shop task force, establishment of negosyo center, formulation of investment and incentives code, updating of municipal revenue code and computerization of business, real property, civil registry, accounting and treasury operations management

  5. Infrastructure development programs which includes construction/rehabilitation/improvement of farm to market roads, flood control projects, provision of water systems to water less barangays, opening of Jovellar via Palanog – Camalig town proper route, construction of bus  and jeepney terminals, digital infrastructure through establishment of barangay electronic center, public address system

  6. Health Development Program through establishment of new rural health stations, upgrading of facilities and support services, professionalization of the health sector, strengthening of health delivery systems and improved health care services particularly in  the operation and management of Camalig Birthing Home and Medical and treatment centers; and solid waste management/environmental sanitation services;

  7. Social Welfare and Social Protection Programs through construction of additional core shelter units at Baligang Resettlement Site, livelihood center, holding center, women center, child development minding center, provision  of assistance to special groups (Women, PWDs, Senior Citizens) and strengthening of social welfare program delivery systems

  8. Peace and Order Programs through installation of CCTV within the Poblacion areas and implementation of the Master Plan for Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation through partnerships, coordination and networking in building the disaster resilience of communities and institutionalization of arrangements and measures for reducing disaster risks, including projected climate risks and enhancing disaster preparedness and response capabilities of the fifty barangays

  9. Executive-Legislative Complementation.

Agenda of Vice Mayor Ahrdail G. Baldo:

The Sangguniang Bayan under my leadership will be proactive, its legislative agenda always in anticipation of the municipality’s ever changing needs and vast potentials for growth.

As expected, the municipal councillors will be responding with characteristic zeal, skilfully stretching, at times, the boundaries of legislative and executiveprivileges. Such a set-up has demonstrated to be anadvantage for the Camaliguenos inasmuch as the Sangguniang Bayan endeavors to go well beyond the confines of the session hall to serve its constituencies.

The local legislators should take to heart the principle of shared responsibility as will be espoused by the municipal mayor. Thus, on top of the legislative work, we should be actively involved in a number of development programs and projects to be undertaken by this local government.

My priorities are:

  1. Urban development and socialized housing;
  2. Labor, employment, livelihood through cooperative and enterprise development;
  3. Environment, disaster risk reduction and management, climate change adaptation, and land use; public utilities;
  4. Women and family; youth and sports development;
  5. Culture and heritage;
  6. Public health and safety;
  7. Agriculture, trade, business and industry;
  8. Infrastructure;
  9. Tourism and community relations;
  10. Barangay development.

Development Role

The Municipality of Camalig at present faces the challenge of attaining progress and development in the light of its proximity to nearby urban growth center, Legazpi City; presence of industrial facility, the Mayon Cement Plant; proposed establishment of International Airport at the Municipality of Daraga; proposed Rehabilitation of PNR Service from Makati City to Sorsogon Province; implementation of Bicol River Basin Development Program; Guicadale Project; INfRES FMR Project, DA Assisted Projects and other development programs.