The Magna Carta of Women (Republic Act No. 9710) defines Gender and Development Program (GAD)

as the development perspective and process that is participatory and empowering, equitable, sustainable, free from violence, respectful of human rights, supportive of self-determination and actualization of human potentials. It seeks to achieve gender equality as a fundamental value that should be reflected in development choices and contends that women are active agents of development, not just passive recipients of development.

GAD focuses on Gender Mainstreaming or a strategy for:

  • Making women’s as well as men’s concerns and experiences an integral dimension of the design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of policies, programs and projects in all social, political, civil, and economic spheres so that women and men benefit equally.
  • Assessing the implications for women and men of any planned action, including legislation, policies or programs in all areas and at all levels


LGU-Camalig Conducts Workshop on Comprehensive GAD Planning, Budgeting, Prioritization


In a bid to develop gender-sensitive and gender-responsive programs, LGU-Camalig recently organized the Gender and Development (GAD) Planning Budgeting Prioritization Workshop at the Wyndale Hotel, Brgy. Baligang, Camalig, Albay.
Graced by Municipal Councilors, Committee Chairperson on Family, Gender, Social Welfare, Senior Citizens, and PWDs, Hon. Purisima Victoria “Ching” Nocedo and Committee Chairperson on Budget, Appropriation, Ways, and Means, Hon. Abegail “Begs” Go, and participated by members of the GAD Focal Point System, this initiative have brought attention to how crucial it is to integrate gender perspectives into policies and programs and include them into planning and budgetary processes.
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Camalig Launches Trade Fair to Celebrate Women in Business

To commemorate women as trailblazers of business innovations, LGU-Camalig has launched a one-day trade fair featuring 14 exhibitors, comprised of women entrepreneurs and community sectors, and their rich variety of food and non-food products.
Mayor Carlos “Caloy” Irwin G. Baldo Jr. echoed that the activity further aims to help the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) establish networks in the mainstream market and raise output productivity.
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Women and Children Protection Advocates Convene; Lay Out Accomplishments and Future Plans


In line with Camalig Local Chief Executive, Hon. Carlos “Caloy” Irwin G. Baldo, Jr.’s mandate to safeguard the welfare of children and women, members of the Local Council for the Protection of Children (LCPC) and the Local Committee on Anti-Trafficking & Violence Against Women and their Children (LCAT-VAWC) convened today at the Mayor’s Office conference room, 3rd flr., Mytallic Bldg., Camalig Municipal Hall. Read more.


As an opportunity to establish relationships among like-minded women, LGU-Camalig held its 1st Women’s Summit, which advocates achieving gender equality and eliminating stereotypes through social, economic, and political inclusion for all.
Putting emphasis on the famous line, “Babae ako, hindi babae lang”, Camalig Vice Mayor, Hon. Ma. Ahrdail “Ding” Baldo has made such impacts delivering her message intended to upift women of what they are capable of as they are empowered by their own strengths and resilience amidst life challenges.
“This is a celebration for all the incredible woman who have unique contributions and diffrent roles in building a more inclusive and equitable society”, Vice Mayor Ding added. Read more.