In a bid to sustain youth participation and celebrate the love for art and cultural heritage, the Camalig Artist Guild, Camalig Children’s Organization, Municipal Tourism & Cultural Heritage Office (MTCHO), Municipal Social Welfare & Development Office (MSWDO), hosted “GIKAN asin GAYON,” a mobile art caravan purposely to further nurture creativity among children.
As part of the Camalig Arts Festival, said event was conducted in Brgy. Cotmon last February 17, 2024, wherein basic drawing, color mixing, and painting by the numbers became the highlight of the day.
The workshop was attended by children from Brgy. Taladong, Comun, Cotmon, and Bongabong, purposely to help them improve their senses of creativity, imagination, and artistic talents.
With the theme “Pagkamoot sa Arte, Kultura, asin Ginikanan”, the workshop aims not only to develop the children’s artistic abilities but also, to instill a deep appreciation for the rich cultural heritage of the town, highlighting the power of art as an effective way in expressing cultural perspectives.
Article by: Mr. Tim L. Florece, PIO