Youth from different areas of Camalig, Albay actively participated in the last day of Bicol Folk Dance Workshop that took place at Camalig National High School in Barangay Ilawod.
Spearheaded by the Municipal Tourism and Cultural Heritage Office (MTCHO), this initiative aims to highlight the significance of youth participation in preserving the region’s rich culture and artistry by equipping them with the knowledge on various Bicol folk dances and their origins.
The participants exhibited their graceful skills during the dance recital, performing folk dances such as Jota Camarines, Saguin-Saguin, Sarong Banggi, Paseo de Bikol, and Pantomina de Albay.
Camalig Municipal Councilor and Committee Chairman on Tourism, Culture, and the Arts, Hon. Noel G. Muñoz, expressed his full support for this initiative, emphasizing the importance of promoting cultural dances from Bicol and engaging youth in this activity.
Furthermore, MTCHO Head, Mr. Jed Villanueva, expressed his commitment to this initiative and vowed to continue carrying out what they have started.
Said initiative is part of the celebration of the Camalig Arts Festival 2024 with the theme GIKAN asin GAYON: “Pagkamoot sa Arte, Kultura, asin Ginikanan”, which further aims to showcase the vibrant culture and innate artistry of every Camaligueño.
Article by: Mr. Tim L. Florece, PIO