Philippine Information Agency spotlights Camalig as very first feature in Bagong Pilipinas campaign
The Philippine Information Agency (PIA) Region 5 has selected Camalig, Albay as the first feature in its “PIA sa Bagong Pilipinas” campaign, focusing on the town’s famous dish, “pinangat”, and the visionary initiatives of Mayor Caloy in promoting local products and in sustaining the livelihood of his people.
Pinangat, a traditional Camalignon delicacy made from taro/”apay” leaves, coconut milk, dried fish/pork, chili, and other key ingredients, has been brought to the forefront as Camalig’s “One Town, One Product” (OTOP) flagship.
During the interview, Mayor Caloy expressed his intent to support the promotion of pinangat through skills training, partnerships with other agencies, and improved marketing strategies, particularly documentation, packaging and presentation.
Mayor Caloy also shared that his administration spearheaded the creation of the Local Economic Development & Investment Promotions Office (LEDIPO), as one of the strategies in improving economic growth, attracting investments, fostering entrepreneurship, and creating more jobs for farmers and other local producers.
By creating more jobs/livelihood opportunities, Mayor Caloy believes that the dependency on local government support will be reduced and instead, encourage self-sufficiency among the Camaligueños.
Mayor Caloy further relayed his plan to establish a gabi plantation, purposely to bolster the local supply chain, with the end goal of securing a more sustainable and bigger income source for pinangat makers.
As the interview concluded, Mayor Caloy shared that his broader vision is to elevate pinangat and other local products to the global market. He also advocates for the continuous preservation and promotion of the pinangat-making culture, in order for it to be passed down to future generations and maintain Camalig’s tourism and economic competitiveness.
Article by: Mr. Tim L. Florece, PIO