Local Government Operations Officer (LGOO) II, Mr. Joseph B. Zamora, paid a courtesy visit to Mayor Carlos “Caloy” Irwin G. Baldo Jr., along with Municipal Local Government Operations Officer (MLGOO) Meredith Basquiñas.
Zamora will be conducting his apprenticeship program in LGU-Camalig starting today, April 4, until May 24, 2024, with an eye of acquiring the main, operative, and leadership competencies crucial to boosting LGOOs’ capacity in responding to the demands of the local governance.
During the discussion, Mayor Caloy highlighted the importance of fostering a multi-sectoral partnership with the barangay government units and emphasized the need for competent barangay officials as the cornerstone of effective and productive governance.
Article by: Mr. Tim L. Florece, PIO