LGU-Camalig reviewed the Executive-Legislative Agenda (ELA) and engaged in team-building activities held on May 25–26, 2024, at Mai’s Hotel & Resort, Bacon, Sorsogon, in order to set direction and harmonize jointly-crafted programs and objectives.
Camalig Local Chief Executive, Hon. Carlos “Caloy” Irwin G. Baldo Jr. believed that having a clear vision and strengthening the LGU’s capacity to plan and carry out developmental thrusts are the first steps towards good governance.
During the planning session, each department head presented three high-impact goals affiliated with Mayor Caloy’s 12-Point Executive Agenda. This also aimed at providing the executive and legislative branches with the opportunity to assess areas needed for action and ensure quality management based on the designed strategic plans and priority programs.
Moreover, Team Camalig actively engaged in a team-building activity that called for teamwork, leadership, and effective communication in an effort to enhance collaboration, trust, and productivity in the workplace.
The conduct of the team-building activity further aligns with the aim of LGU-Camalig in developing a working environment that enables employees to exchange and share opinions- both essential for personal and professional growth.
Article by: Mr. Tim L. Florece, PIO