Right information is indispensable to all especially to a growing municipality like Camalig. Information and communication technology tools like cellular phones are already widely used. These are not considered luxuries anymore but already a necessity in the day to the ordinary citizens.


Being on the web will provide investors and prospectors access to investment opportunities and potentials to determine the kind of business of investment venture they could embark based on the information available. For research purposes and site visitors, they can come to know Camalig better. They will be given significant in formation, particularly the local government services, affairs, priority undertakings, development updates, accomplishments, announcements and best assets of our town. With this noble IT endeavor, we can now transmit accurate, timely and comprehensive informations and services about local government’s affairs. They can be directly delivered to our constituency mostly Camaligueños who are outside the region and country eager to hear news and updates about the municipality.


With this positive development, I as your mayor together with the Municipal Council of Camalig headed by Hon. Carlos Irwin G. Baldo, Jr. other officials and employees are confident and highly motivated to work even harder and look for more innovative ways to continuously improve and upgrade our site to make it more beneficial to all.


At this point, I want to State my Executive agenda to wit:

  1. Tourism Development Programs
  2. Education Program
  3. Agriculture Development Programs
  4. Strengthening of cooperatives, people’s organizations, micro-credit lending programs and strengthening of extension delivery system
  5. Revenue Generating Programs
  6. Infrastructure Development
  7. Health Development Programs
  8. Social Welfare and Social Protection programs
  9. Peace and Order Programs
  10. Executive – Legislative Complementation

I hope and pray that this web will keep us united and more inspired making Camalig at its best.