The municipality of Camalig is making name in terms of tourism and cultural heritage and considered as a fast-growing emerging destination in the province of Albay.


Being known as one of the oldest-founded towns in Bicol Region and the Cabecera of Christian Evangelization or the mission outpost from which most mission settlements in Albay evolved, Camalig is rich of tourist attractions with historical significance namely: the Old St. John the Baptist Church, the ancient Hoyop-hoyopan Cave a rich archeological site that proved the existence of a civilization long before the Spaniards set foot in this town in 1569, the colonial houses reminiscent of Spanish colonialization and the Quituinan Hills with all its Japanese dug tunnels. In addition, Camalig is also famous with eco-tourism sites designed with unique activities frequently visited by tourists such as Sumlang Lake, Quituinday Green Hills, Calabidongan Cave, Binanderahan Manilao Cave and Green Lake and other potential caves. In 2016, the Camalig Tourism and Cultural Heritage Office (CTCHO) – Tourism Promotion Section recorded at least 189,619 same-day visitors (186,491 – domestic; 3,128 – foreign), a great leap from the previous year’s records. Moreover, a total of 10, 257 tourist visited the town in 2016.


An account cannot be complete without mention of “Pinangat,” the culinary wonder which enjoys worldwide popularity. Locally made food delicacies such as marcasotes, puto lanson, inulokan and abaca made carpets, bags, tsinelas and coco-coir products can be found also in Camalig. The establishment of tourism support enterprise in Camalig is fast rising. The local treasury earned approximately 1.5M income out of the registered tourism support services.   


The CTCHO made extensive efforts in the development, promotion and marketing of the tourism industry and cultural heritage in Camalig aligned to the town’s tourism and cultural promotions branding as the “Heritage Town of Albay”.


Camalig as a culturally rich town and fast growing tourist-friendly destination proactively engaged in social and economic transformation promised to contribute 300,000 same-day visitors and 20,000 tourist arrivals annually in the province of Albay. We, in the tourism sector shall promote the culture of tourism among local residents and develop responsible and sustainable community-based tourism and cultural heritage programs leading to inclusive growth, socio-economic development and good image of the municipality.


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Camalig Integrated Tourism and Cultural Heritage Code