Welcome to Camalig, Albay the Pinangat Capital of the Philippines!

We warmly invite you to come and enjoy and if possible live with us in our distinctive and attention-grabbing culture.

Join us in achieving our fervent dream of making Camalig awake, an economic and tourism haven that will gather interesting people to be grateful for the rich and promising resources with the picturesque Mayon Volcano, as such leading to progressive governance.

The Local Government Unit of Camalig, Albay continues to hold ways and means in order to effectively and efficiently inform the people of its agenda, development priorities, programs, projects and activities that they will directly and indirectly benefit from. The upgrading of the municipality’s website will confidently open the chance and prospects for our people to be able to get the essential information desired from the local government and for them to be aware of the on-going interventions put in place for the welfare of our constituencies.

We determinedly believe on people-oriented, proactive and participatory governance. Therefore,  let us maximize the utilization of this portal for us to be able to achieve change and  progress.